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Dell 1100W PSU L1100E-SO T420 R520 R620 T620 R720 R720xd R820 R920 P/N GYH9V

195,00 $
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1100W For Dell PSU L1100E-SO Hot Swap Redundant Power Supply

For Dell PowerEdge R520 R620 R720 R720XD R820 T320 T420 T620 Servers

For Dell PowerVault DL3200 DL4000 DX6112 Storage Arrays

Compatible part numbers 02RN7, 002RN7, 2MCCT, 02MCCT, 5G4WK, 05G4WK, C7JTF, 0C7JTF, Y1MGX, 0Y1MGX, 331-5927, 450-ADZC, 38GYJ, 038GYJ, A119-B, C7JTF, 0C7JTF, GDPF3, 0GDPF3, GYH9V , 0GYH9V , HT6GX , 0HT6GX , NTCWP, 0NTCWP, W933G , 0W933G , YT39Y, 0YT39, 331-5926 , L1100E-S0, L1100E-SO, PS-2112-4D-LF, 7NF52, 07NF52 , CC6WF, 0CC6WF, AA26510L

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