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Dell PowerEdge FX2S Switched 2U Rackmount 4-Bay Blade Server Enclosure Chassis

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1 x Dell PowerEdge FX2S Switched Rackmount 4-Bay Blade Server Enclosure Chassis (Does not include any nodes)

    • 2 x Dell Dual Hot-plug Power Supply 1600W 
    • 12 x Dell Fan Modules 
    • 6 x Dell Fan Modules 
    • 1 x Dell FX2 CMC Chassis Management Controller Module - 0RFGR
    • 1 x Dell 2GB SD Card - R13HY

      This system should be configured with the following nodes

      FC630 Node and/or FD332 16x 2.5" SAS / SATA Bay Storage Array Node For FX2 / FX2S 
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